Basketball: Elan Béarnais will know

She will arrive this Thursday, about ten days after the body heard the president of the club, David Bonnemason-Carrère, accompanied by the co-founder and president of CSG, David Otto. A meeting at the end of which the pair left with the injunction to find the sum of one million euros and a coherent draft budget for the following season. Condition sine qua non to continue the adventure with, additional constraint, the care of financing the other two million disbursements by a loan whose repayment would be spread over three years. “We asked that the net situation be at least in balance”, confirmed in the week the president of the DNCCG, Philippe Ausseur, requested by L’Equipe.

The wall

Last Friday, in the midst of a mine clearance attempt, David Bonnemason-Carrère wanted to be as soothing as he was categorical: “Yes, we reassure people, next year there will be a Betclic Elite team, commitments have been made with the League . ” The problem is that there was a sentence just before which was heavy with innuendo: “The objective is to continue, the commitment was made by David Otto with the DNCCG on condition that the actors locals are committed in the same proportions. »

However, what then emerged from the meetings between David Otto on the one hand, the partners and minority shareholders on the other, resembles anything but a cordial agreement intended, again, to save the Elan. And if no one reinjects, unless CSG itself goes there with its big check or the situation is reversed spectacularly, the wall awaits the club: administrative demotion, or even worse.

The editorial staff advises you

Basketball / Elan Béarnais is getting closer to administrative relegation

Failing to have been able to federate the Béarnaise “community” behind him during his week in Pau, David Otto, founder of CSG, should not be able to provide the necessary guarantees requested by the DNCCG for the Elan to continue in Elite next season.

The editorial staff advises you

A CA and a municipal council at the start of the week

Be that as it may, the days to come will be busy for Elan Béarnais, whose governance is swaying badly and which has a meeting of its board of directors on its agenda next Monday. The opportunity to replace two directors who resigned during the season, Laurent Claverotte and Thomas Menjot, or even to register other defections… One of the people likely to take a seat would be, according to our information, the Pau entrepreneur Mehdi Jabrane .

Sneaky chance of the calendar, this same Monday evening, the debate will necessarily be transported to the town hall of Pau, where a municipal council is scheduled. Since the club’s GPS went into a spin, François Bayrou has never spoken publicly. It is hard to imagine, this time, that he could decline to speak…



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