Basketball at Fairs | The Advance of Segovia

A great afternoon of women’s basketball that took place last Saturday at the Emperor Teodosio Pavilion where fans were able to enjoy three games featuring a Segovia National Team, the Combined Hyundai and the Villamuriel team from Palencia, in which equality reigned , deciding the victory of Villamuriel in the small details.

The team from Segovia and the Hyundai team opened the afternoon, with a lot of nerves in the ranks of both without scoring in the first seven minutes. But as soon as the rim was opened from the 6.75 line with four triples for the locals and three for the visitors, the score began to rise. Hyundai’s men came into the break with a 7-point lead, but after the break the Segovians returned the conceded partial to equalize the contest, taking the game to extra time. In it, although the Hyundai team had the last possession to take the match to a second extension, their shot did not go in, leaving the score 41-39 in favor of the Segovians.

It was the CB Villamuriel from Palencia who led the victory, with Victoria Calderón being the best player in the tournament

In the second confrontation, Villamuriel’s men arrived to develop a fast and showy game against a Hyundai team with a more tactical approach, and although they were the ones who struck first at the start of the match, the Palencians quickly turned the scoreboard based on triples and counterattack to acquire a slight advantage that they did not give up throughout the game, ending again in an even 43-37.

To settle the tournament champion, women from Segovia and Palencia jumped onto the court eager to offer one last good match, and it was like that throughout the first part where the equality was maximum, but in the second part the physique of the Cerrato players It prevailed since the locals accused the accumulated fatigue and found it difficult to score, despite this they competed until the final moments and gave up by 10 points, leaving CB Villamuriel as the fair winner and their player Victoria Calderón as the best player in the tournament .



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