Basket Lugo: Coach Casadei analyzes the Aviators season and talks about the future

In the morning the interview with coach Marcello Casadeito take stock of the season that has just ended and also to talk about the future.

Marcello, what does this latest sporting year leave us?
The season was a nice roller coaster with a bittersweet ending, but overall the balance remains more than positive. It was also the closing of a circle with the experience started as head coach three years ago, with the parenthesis of last season, which remains enclosed in a compressive cycle of five years spent with the Aviators. It is also important to see the public fill the arena with the many young people who have shown themselves involved in supporting the team until the end.

As for the goal set at the beginning of the season, which was to enhance the youngest kids as much as possible, I would say that it has been largely achieved and there is also the satisfaction in having created a “group” on which the company can work for the future.”

You talked about closing a circle, what is there then in your future?
First of all, the beautiful memory of the final remains even if the outcome was not the desired one, but I think that in my future there will be a slightly slower parenthesis where I will devote time to family first of all and also at work taking a break from basketball.

This arises above all from the need to have a little lighter rhythms in the awareness that the great passion for basketball will still remain but that for those like me, who live it as a non-professional, a commitment of this kind still imposes rhythms that are sometimes very prohibitive.i.”

Keep on Marcello Casadei: “in Lugo I leave a special environment, where with a smile and lightness you can still work hard. This was a great season where, as mentioned, we also used a lot of young people, however, included in a new mix of experiences and various backgrounds that, as the boys know, I shared with them as I am not a managerial coach.”.

Even the Lughese company, in the words of the president of the Aviators Luciano Giovannini, underlines the particular relationship of esteem and effective collaboration created over the years with Marcello who has always proved to be a serious professional but also a fundamental collaborator and above all a great person and a friend of all Aviators.



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