Baseballhandschuh Marucci Oxbow MFGOXM44A6-CM 11 3/4″

Product information “Oxbow MFGOXM44A6-CM”

Baseballhandschuh Marucci Oxbow MFGOXM44A6-CM
Infield Baseballhandschuh
11 3/4”
Pre-oiled cowhide
Open back

With an absolute claim to quality, Marucci quickly built up a large fan base in the highly competitive baseball market. This claim is also transferred to the new Oxbow series, the first Marucci Glove series not made of Steerhide. The full grain leather used in the Oxbow Gloves easily withstands the quality comparison with other series, the extended break-in period otherwise known from Marucci Steerhide Gloves is shortened. A full leather palm cover with additional padding provides additional hand protection. The 11 3/4″ representative of the series, the MFGOXM44A6-CM, feels at home in the infield and has a medium deep pocket with a flexible T-Web. The catch hand sits in an open back for maximum freedom of movement, the sometimes unpopular “fur cover ” on the back of the hand gives way to a breathable microfiber cover with memory foam. The new “M-Type Fit” also offers built-in finger sleeves for the thumb and little finger, and the thumb loop is additionally padded.

Position: Infield
Fangseite: REG (catch left, throw right)
Glove length: 11 3/4 in.
Webforms: open web
hand opening: Open back

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