Baseball: Witten Kaker Lakers lose to Wanderers

The Witten Kaker Lakers have to take their next bankruptcy in the district baseball league. But there were good approaches against Dortmund Wanderers.

after the Witten Kaker Lakers had to admit defeat to the league favorites Lippstadt Ochmoneks with 1:12, they went against and went to Dortmund to the Wanderers last weekend. Not an easy task, because this season Dortmund have the clear goal of moving up from the district league.

The Witteners, who only arrived with ten players, were able to bring the first point directly to the board in the first inning through David Klein and thus get the game off to a good start.

However, the Dortmund team already scored seven points and were able to process the pitches from starting pitcher Dietmar Schreiner very well.

Witten Kaker Lakers are particularly convincing in the second inning

A few good shots went right into the gaps, so the outfield consisting of Matthias Szmyanski, Erik Weißweiler and newcomer Shinsuke Kishimoto had no chance. In the second inning, however, two flyouts could be achieved, so that Dortmund could be held to three points.

Important points were again scored in the third inning. A triple from youth player Tim Schwartz, a double from outfielder Erik Weißweiler and a run batted in from second baseman Daniel Krupke contributed to a total of four points. Coach and designated hitter Maximilian Klaß had to leave some players on bases with two groundouts that ended the innings.

In Witten’s defensive innings, however, Dortmund was clearly too strong. The two catchers Denis Eilebrecht and Dominik Tomecki had a particularly tough job, preventing further points with good blocks. Ultimately, Dortmund had to admit defeat by 21:5. After the team’s rather weak offensive performances of late, however, a positive trend can be seen. It continues with the fifth of eight match days in August.

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