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At the MLB game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Kansas City Royals, there are touching scenes in the stands. What happened? The whole story in the video.

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06/22/2022 – 10:24 am

While baseball has a niche existence in Germany, this sport is certainly one of the most popular events on the North and Central American continent. Not only in front of the TV do the fans follow the action very spellbound – also and especially in the stadium, a visit to a game can become a real event.

Touching gesture conquers the web

Of course, many supporters hope for one thing: catching a ball that the player had previously thrown into the stands. Traditionally, you can keep this and take it home with you as an eternal souvenir. The Major League Baseball (MLB) game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Kansas City Royals saw two such moments – and a very touching gesture that is now going viral on the internet.

What happened? In the early stages of the game, a fan caught a baseball. But instead of keeping it, he gave it to a little boy sitting a few rows in front of him. The little fan could hardly believe his luck. But that’s not all: A few innings later, another ball flew into the same grandstand. This time it was the boy’s father who snatched the playground equipment – and handed it to his son, who was now in possession of two balls. But instead of keeping both souvenirs for himself, the little fan decided on a big gesture.

See the moments in the video:

MLB posted the video on their social channels with the caption, “Baseball is the best.”



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