Baseball fans, the Home Run Derby X will arrive soon at CDMX

The king of sports arrives at CDMX to celebrate the Home run Derby X. A competition with MLB greats, coexistence and much more

The CDMX is very set to receive the last date of the Home Run Derby Xit’s about the new way to enjoy baseball and it’s powered by the Major League Baseball. The appointment will be at Mars Fieldwe tell you all the details so you can get ready.

Thanks to this event you will be able to witness a home run derby with completely new rules and twists; It is also a festival day full of fun, food and bat celebrities. It is a date with baseball in which they also participate London and Seoul. In addition to sports demonstrations, also there will be music and guest stars which are to be confirmed.

How does Home Run Derby X work?

The rules of the game are simple; batsmen are awarded a point for each ball they hit over the field fence, however there are four targets within the field of play that they can aim for as well. Unlike other batting derbies, this one also includes defense; so in this version, the opposition in the catch zone can score points by catching balls in the air.

A major league game requires teams to be good at both hitting and fielding, and HRDX rewards both skills. Batsmen will have 25 pitches with which to score as many points as possible before moving on to the next batter.

The biggest teams present

In the Home Run Derby Xfrom Mexico will be four of the most important franchises in the MLB: the Red Sox of Boston, the Chicago Cubs, Los Dodgers of Los Angeles and the Yankees from New York. Each team will consist of four members: a legend, a wild card, a superstar and a rookie.

It is a competition of four teams, which will face each other to obtain the most points both defensively and offensively; in the format of Home Run Derby X, the four teams that will be in the competition will play in a bracket format. They will have 100 pitches per team and points are available to earn for home runs, catches and target hits.

When: October 15

How much: To be confirmed

Where: Campo Marte, Polanco, Chapultepec

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