Barça’s measures to affect members and subscribers to prevent fraud at the Camp Nou

BarcelonaBarça want to “take a step forward” in the management of season tickets and avoid fraudulent practices and Dantesque scenarios such as the one experienced last year against Eintracht Frankfurt. From now on, season tickets will become digital, managed by an app, which will not prevent them from being handed over to a family member or friend, according to the board’s spokeswoman, Maria Elena Fort. But the latter will not be able to transfer it to a third party, but will return it to the owner, who will have to make a new transfer. “We want to know who the owner is and who has it at all times.” This new system will be tested in the first six months of the season and the aim is to “implement it definitively” in the second half of the course.

This is in terms of season tickets, but Barça will also be applying digital and registered tickets from the season that begins in August. After the match against Eintracht at the Camp Nou, with the scandal experienced at the stadium, the club announced that it would introduce the nominal tickets for European competitions, but this will apply to all tickets for all competitions. On the other hand, Fort has announced that lots of tickets will also be made available to members at popular prices, which can be withdrawn between 72 and 48 hours before the matches. Barça will also update the list of members: the last update was in 2012.

Among the most forceful measures that will be applied is that if the subscriber accumulates 10 matches without going to the stadium (6 in the case of the Palau Blaugrana) or does not put his season ticket at the service of the Free Seat, the club will automatically charge for the management of the season ticket in question and may use it in the commercial circuit (ie put it in the Free Seat). The partner who is seen in this circumstance will have to claim, match by match and 72 hours before the match, that he wants to use his season ticket. On the other hand, if the season ticket is not attended or released during any season, Barça will automatically withdraw the season ticket from the member. “We have detected between 2,500 and 3,000 cases in this regard,” Fort explained to argue this measure.

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“Our goal is to fill the Camp Nou. Having a season ticket has a high emotional component, but it also involves a privilege and we must be consistent,” the spokeswoman continued. There will also be prizes for the most loyal subscribers: if you attend 85% or more of the matches, you will enter the draw for trips to matches with the club for free, as well as discounts on tickets for companions, in Barça’s restaurant services and also in the club’s official stores.

End of leave

The club has also announced that it is putting an end to season ticket surpluses, a measure that has been pushed over the past two seasons in the face of uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent restricted and limited seating in stadiums and pavilions. Barça will start collecting and sending season tickets from 14 July.

With regard to the use of the Free Seat, the Barça entity warns that a maximum of 95% of the season ticket price may be charged. It also changes the basis for calculating the amount to be received, which ceases to be the average price of the seats sold in each zone to become the proportional part of the total bag of income generated by the sale of seats in each zone. Seat releases 10 days or more in advance will be charged, while events less than 10 days will be charged if the seats are sold.



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