Barça’s calculator this summer

The FC Barcelona finally will not enter LaLiga Impulse. At least, to this day, despite the principle of entente that was reached last Monday and that precipitated the call for an assembly. The objective? The sale of 49.9% of BLMmanager of the club’s stores, a key operation to reverse the losses from 2019 to 2021, and the transfer of up to 25% of the television rights, which would support that first objective, but, at the same time, gave some oxygen to the sports management for this summer. Without that additional margin that accepting the proposal from LaLiga and CVC gave, what summer can we expect?

Joan Laporta’s board already said no to this formula last year because, although those 270 million are necessary, it seemed excessive that they came in the form of debt and such a long period of assignment of rights. And in the case of the club, he may be right because he does have access to long-term financing that other small and medium-sized teams do not. And that hasn’t changed but be able to allocate 40.5 million to signings this summer without the need to release salary mass before it was (and is) an important candy.

In other words. Accepting LaLiga Impulso gave the sports management the option of being able to close certain incorporations now, giving certainty to the footballers with whom it has committed without having to wait for departures. And, at this point, we must not forget that Barça needs to generate 688 million euros in profits to compensate for the pre-tax losses in the pandemic and that this backpack does not affect their salary limit. A scenario that, even selling BLM and a greater percentage of television, will require selling footballers so that the summer of 2023 is more normal.

And this summer, what? With the current regulations, Mateu Alemany needs to generate between 120 million and 160 million euros in salary savings and transfer capital gains to obtain a margin equivalent to that given by LaLiga Impulso. Will it be achieved? We will see, because Dembelé does not count as savings having finished the contract, Griezmann will only give additional margin if his sale is closed and with Coutinho his 20 million transfer is counted, since the salary was already used to release in 2021-2022. Hence there is talk of a drastic salary reduction that has not occurred in three years, release letters and forced transfers.

And it does not seem bad to me if, as in the summer of 2021, priority is given to channeling the economic situation before the sports situation. The market will be long, so patience, the same that will have to be asked of those who could arrive free.



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