Barakaldo wins Imanol Torre, a young scorer for Cultural de Durango

The novelties by Lasesarre do not stop. This Thursday four signings and three other renewals were announced. Not content with it, this Friday another new face has been known. This is Imanol Torre, a 22-year-old left-handed winger who arrives from Cultural de Durango. Trained in the categories of Athletic, Abadiño and Tabira’s own squad, this attacker made his debut in the Third Division at just 19 years of age with the Durangarras, where he has remained these last three courses, playing 64 games. This last campaign has been a fixture, playing 35 games and scoring six goals, becoming his team’s top scorer, despite his youth.

On the other hand, three departures were also announced. Pablo Fid will not continue in the factory team after a campaign in which he has played 14 games under the sticks, until a serious injury took him off the pitch. The other two have been key pieces this season. At 20 years old, Josu Gallastegi leaves with 31 games behind him and three goals. Finally, Guillermo Ruiz will not continue either, a striker who has established himself with 37 participations and ten goals. In this way, Barakaldo already has eleven chips for next year and only the future of Jonan Obeso and Iker Pedernales are up in the air.



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