Barakaldo begins a profound renewal of the squad with twelve confirmed casualties

David Nates, one of the most sensitive outlets, celebrates a goal with his teammates / THE MAIL

Third RFEF

Areitio, Felipe, Olasagasti, Ekaitz, Torrealdai, Juaristi, Argente, Alonso, Mayo, Mayordomo, Vellisca and Nates will not continue next season

The Barakaldo began yesterday to give the first brushstrokes of its new project officially. The manufacturing entity announced the arrival of Joseba Núñez at the head of the sports management, as EL CORREO announced two weeks ago. Hours later, the casualty chapter began. They did it, nothing more and nothing less, with a total of twelve starts: Markel Areitio, Jon Ander Felipe, Julen Olasagasti, Ekaitz Fernández, Lander Torrealdai, Mikel Juaristi, Gaizka Argente, Iker Alonso, Markel Mayo, Xabi Mayordomo, Aitor Vellisca and David Nates will not continue in the Gualdinegro team next season.

As this newspaper already revealed, Joseba Núñez has been working for months on the preparation of the factory workforce. He has done it in the shadows, with an agreement already closed with Biscayan investors to serve as the new sports director. Now it’s official. The one who until now was second coach of Patxi Salinas in Bilbao Athletic was announced yesterday to carry out these functions. Now all that remains is for the club to also make official the arrival of Imanol de la Sota on the bench. Once the names of the sports director and the coach had been defined, the decisions they would make regarding the squad remained to be known.

Well, yesterday a total of twelve casualties were announced for players who have played for Lasesarre this season. Being so many, there are countless different cases. Footballers who have been decisive and others who have not had as many opportunities, either due to injuries or technical decision. Some of them have been offered to renew, but have received offers from higher category teams and have decided to leave, as is the case with David Nates. Others have not received proposals to continue. Nates has headed to Laredo in the Second RFEF and Ekaitz Fernández to Zalla in the Division of Honor. Now the future of the rest remains to be seen.

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Among all these twelve casualties, there are three that stand out above the rest. Gaizka Argente, Markel Mayo and David Nates have been the three players who have played the most minutes this past year for the entire team, only after Iker Pedernales. The first of them has emerged as the head of the center of defense, the second was a fixture in the engine room and the third has been the top scorer of the squad with 17 goals. Therefore, Barakaldo loses those who have been three fundamental pieces in its backbone. Even so, the new sports management is already working on other renewals and possible additions.

The future of eight players in the air

If everything goes according to plan, the only sure thing is that Altair, Urki and Borja Álvarez will continue next season in the factory squad. The three have a contract until June 2023. On the other hand, it is unknown what will happen to the other eight remaining players, who are now ending their bond. These are goalkeepers Jon Tena and Pablo Fid, as well as outfield players Iker Pedernales, Jonan Obeso, Mikel Castrillejo, Bittor Isuskiza, Josu Gallastegi and Guillermo Ruiz. The vast majority of them have had a lot of weight this last year, so it would not be surprising if they were offered to continue. All this remains to be seen.



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