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In cold with his leaders, Ousmane Dembl has however confided that he saw himself staying at FC Barcelona next season. An astonishing statement given his situation. But the winger at the end of the contract has reason to believe a possible rebound.

Ousmane Dembl may have a last hope of extending to Bara.

Always reluctant to speak in the media, Ousmane Dembl (25) surprised everyone with his few words addressed to a supporter (see here).

The FC Barcelona winger, questioned in his vehicle, assured that he intended to stay and that the information around Chelsea was only rumors.

The coffers of Bara soon to be bailed out

Hard to believe when you know his situation. Because of his salary claims deemed excessive, and his silence after the last offer sent, the Bara put an end to the discussions.

Their relations are so strained that the Catalan club are preparing for next season without their winger at the end of his contract, whose successor could be the Brazilian Raphinha (Leeds). So why does Dembl seem to believe a plot twist? Perhaps because Bara’s accounts could change color in the coming weeks.

Xavi insists on Dembl

Indeed, the local media Sport recalls that the socios have validated the sale of 49.9% of BLM (Bara Licensing and Merchandising), the company in charge of commercial exploitation, and 25% of the club’s TV rights. These possible receipts could allow the FCB to increase its Dembl proposal during the summer. Especially since coach Xavi is still pushing internally to keep the former Rennais, says Marca.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Bara will relaunch the discussions, the management being particularly upset against the French international and his agent. But through his impromptu exit, Dembl may have taken what looks like a first step, as his lease expires in less than two weeks.

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