Badminton is a social sport for everyone

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AMERSFOORT On Saturday 25 June, BAN (Badminton Amersfoort Noord) will have a colorful stand at ‘Amersfoort Aangenaam’, the information market for new city residents.

The Municipality of Amersfoort organizes ‘Amersfoort Aangenaam’ several times a year. The manifestation is a welcome for newcomers and makes them aware of various social institutions, cultural and sporting activities in the city. The market stalls full of brochures and other promotional material give visitors a picture of the many foundations and associations in the cobbled city.

SOCIAL SPORT Badminton club BAN has been participating in ‘Amersfoort Aangenaam’ for years. Badminton is a casual way to get to know many people and to develop a greater understanding of each other. People from different backgrounds meet on the badminton court. In team sports in a club context, social contact and interactions are more embedded than in individual sports and commercially organized sports, because team members have to work together and there is often informal discussion after training or competition.

FOR ALL AGES BAN badminton is characterized by the relaxed atmosphere, the informal character and the many possibilities for athletes of all ages. BAN is for young and old, recreational and competitive players. The badminton club uses sports halls throughout Amersfoort on several days a week. So there is always a playground nearby. In addition, badminton is played in a hall so that you are not hindered by weather conditions and can be played all year round. Playing badminton is not a big financial investment: the association arranges the rent of the sports halls and provides the shuttles. The athlete provides his own sportswear and a racket.

GET TO KNOW FREE OF CHARGE Badminton is easily accessible: everyone can easily master the basic skills and quickly put up a good resistance. Badminton is a dynamic, fast racket sport: the fastest indoor sport in the world. But everyone, regardless of age and playing level, can enjoy badminton. Newcomers are allowed to exercise three times at BAN without obligation, after which they decide on their membership. You can borrow a racket and thus become acquainted with badminton free of charge.

SHORT BEGINNER COURSE Novices are welcomed and introduced and, if there is sufficient interest, they can follow a short beginners course in which they are taught the basic skills of badminton.

MORE INFORMATION More information can be found on the website:† Questions can be asked by sending an e-mail to, or by calling 033 – 4808939.



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