Backstroke against a tree by Jon Rahm at the US Open

Hole 8 of the The Country Club. Par 5. Third day of the US Open Championship. John Rahm The exit to the left fails and his ball ends up next to a tree. It has no natural blow. You can’t hit him right-handed in any way. Try behind the tree and neither… Ugly situation.

Rahm can’t play to the 9th street either because the tree itself prevents him from doing so. He is a tree lord. Finally, he has no choice but to hit left-handed or from behind. The other option is to drop, of course, but he doesn’t want to miss a shot.

Resolves a large installment with Adam Hayes, his caddy and ends up deciding to hit from behind. She does quite well. She doesn’t quite get out of the trees, but she finds a clearing from which she can hit the green. The third shot from him is very good. In fact, he is not far from leaving a birdie option. He ends up with a bogey, but the crowd has a great time with the blow from his back. Here you can see it from the perspective of the fans. The video was recorded Juan Morenillapartner of El País.



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