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Announcer Kusaka (left) and Mr. Toyome

The beauty I’m going to introduce this time is Natsuki Toyorume, who escaped from withdrawal after encountering one book and currently runs four incurvated nail care shops.

Born in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. When he was a high school student, Mr. Toyome, who belonged to the soft tennis club, often suffered from injuries and was often taken care of by the trainer. She gradually became eager to support athletes and she went to a judo rehabilitation vocational school.

After graduating, I got a job in orthopedics and was in charge of treatment and rehabilitation for fractures and dislocations, but I encountered sexual harassment at work and retired in three years.

After retiring, Mr. Toyodome had difficulty breathing just by getting on the train, and became depressed in the evening, and for a year and a half, he couldn’t work and was withdrawn.

I started going to a Wi-Fi library to spend all day watching animal videos on YouTube. One morning, the horoscope of the information program said, “Lucky items are cream-colored books,” so I picked up the cream-colored book on the shelf closest to the seat I sat in the library. This was one book that changed the fate of Mr. Toyome.

“It was a book called” The Teachings of the Jewish Millionaire “(Daiwa Bunko) written by Ken Honda. The book described the splendor of independence throughout the book, but the one that shocked me the most. , “When you get rich, be prepared to make people rich next time.” After reading this, I decided to start a business. “

I changed my life from withdrawal, and first of all, I got a day service job where I can make the most of my qualifications.

“When I was in charge of rehabilitation for stroke, I could see that my motor function improved. I found it worthwhile to make people happy and I enjoyed working.”

He was impatient to start a business, but at that time he didn’t know what to do. The reason for starting a business was the fall accident of my grandfather.

“My grandfather couldn’t put on his shoes due to the deterioration of his ingrown nails, so he went out wearing a plastic shopping bag, but one day he slipped and broke his femur. And unfortunately, he was just sleeping. He died without being able to leave the hospital.

I got a qualification because I wanted to save people, but I couldn’t even save my relatives. However, in this case, I learned that there was a method for correcting incurvated nails, and decided to start a business at an incurvated nail specialty store.

In fact, one in ten people in the world has ingrown nails, but it seems that they often do not notice it. “

It is said that imbalance when walking, the influence of walking style, hitting the toes, and the pressure of cramped shoes may be applied to the nails, resulting in ingrown nails.

At first, we started with a non-store business trip service and continued to attract customers by diving for a while, but in 2019, we opened our first store in Itabashi. After that, it grew to have 4 stores in Kanda, Nippori, and Roppongi.

Mr. Toyodome during the treatment

“Until then, sales had been steadily increasing, but the Corona epidemic began this month when we increased the number of stores by three. Business trip services have stopped, and we have begun refraining from going out due to a state of emergency.

To pay the staff’s salary, I woke up at 5am every morning for a year and continued to work part-time to clean the building from 7am to 2pm. Then I went to work and worked until 20:00.

As a result, I didn’t have to work part-time, but I continued to work part-time with the intention of paying a solid salary to the staff who believed in me and joined the company. I’m glad I had a part-time cleaning experience now. “

Continuing employment can be a daunting task. However, it is a great physical strength.

In 2021, I started a new business of HP production, SNS operation, video distribution service to Instagram and TikTok, hoping to help those who want to start a business from now on.

In the future, we are planning to expand the incurvated nail store nationwide and operate the school. Like Mr. Toyodome, whose fate has changed significantly from one book, everyone must have a chance of good luck somewhere.

It’s exciting to think that life is an adventure to find it.

■ Three things to start a business from scratch

(1) Pursue “why”

Why are the parking signs used in yellow and black? If you search for “why” in casual daily life, you will find various things and lead to business opportunities.

(2) Reading is well-balanced

Novels increase vocabulary and improve conversational skills. On the other hand, business books can directly solve your current problems.

(3) Always collect information

Gather information because it can be wide and shallow so that you can follow any story. The role model is hostess. When you get hooked in a conversation with any person, the distance gets shorter. Work is something that people bring. The more topics you have, the smoother your relationship building will be.

● Chiho Kusaka

Born in Tokyo in 1968. In 1991, she joined TV Asahi. As an announcer, she is in charge of all genres of programs, from news reports to variety shows, such as “ANN News,” “OH! El Club,” and “Kuniko ga Touch.” She left the company in 1997, and she is active as a freelance announcer as well as a training instructor at companies and universities.She is in charge of foreign passenger English hospitality training at the Tokyo Taxi Center, and she also offers her personalized courses at

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