Avgustina Kullas U13-Westfalenmeisterin im Judo –

Avgustina Kullas from SC Budokan Bocholt eV competed in the highest youth U13 championships in judo on Sunday. In advance, she had qualified for this measure with first places in the district and district championships. With her first place, she managed to complete her last U13 competition season with the title at the Westphalian Championships with the greatest possible success. A total of 160 judoka competed on three mats.

Due to her performance at the district championship, Kullas got a bye in the first round and thus intervened in the quarterfinals in the fight. As in previous championships, Kullas started flawlessly in this fight. Within eleven seconds she was able to throw her opponent with her special technique O-Goshi left with Ippon (full point). In the semifinals she now faced the fighter Kaptur. Kaptur and Kullas fought evenly for the first minute, but Kullas was able to counter an attack by the opponent and raked in a waza-ari (half point) score. In the ground fight that followed, she then managed to hold her opponent to ippon and move into the final.
In this final, there was a repeat of the finals of the district championships against Nourelhouda Bellabes. Bellabe’s trainer, Martin Graefe, and Kulla’s trainer, Sebastian Ebbers, had hoped for this final even before the fights, as it again promised excitement. And the fight was able to keep this promise. At the beginning it was difficult for both fighters to get a technique through, since both are very specialized in the links display. As the fight progressed, Kullas reacted to the display and switched to the right. A few moments later she was able to win the final with a spectacular O-Goshi to the approving murmurs of the spectators. So she was allowed to accept the gold medal for her strong performance at the award ceremony.
For the second half of the year, the championships in the next higher age group U15 are due for Kullas, as she is eligible to start in both classes in the last year of the U13. Trainer and supervisor Sebastian Ebbers is confident, based on the performances shown, but above all because of her very good attitude, that further good results will follow in the new age group after an adjustment period.



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