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The programming of the night sessions during the last Roland-Garros 2022 made people talk. Only one female poster was placed in the evening, the duel between Alize Cornet et Jelena Ostapenko. Too little for the players and defenders of the women’s circuit who consider the difference in exposure unfair. Billie Jean Kingan activist for gender equality and the origin of the WTA circuit, spoke about it this Saturday at Roland-Garros. 50 years after his title Porte d’Auteuil, the American defended Amelie Mauresmo and suggested that men play best of 3 sets like women.

Billie Jean King returns 50 years after winning Roland

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“I think that‘Amelie did a fantastic job and will make some changes next year”

Firstly, Billie Jean King wanted to support Amelie Mauresmofor her first year as Director of Roland-Garros. “I think that‘Amelie did a fantastic job and will be making some changes next year. Suppose we have a new writer or broadcaster, I always give them 2 to 3 years. Then I pass judgment because I think you have to give people time to understand the work they have to do. People don’t really understand what it involves unless they’ve done it themselves. I know that. I give them a few years first and then I pass judgement. But she is in a position of absolute power. I think we should have 2 matches per night and start earlier. Imagine if Nadal… I thought Ruud was going to start at 3am, I was worried. We can’t do that. I think playing in 3 sets is better. Honestly, it has to be spectacle for its audience.

“I think men should change to play 3 sets. If they start treating us as second class, we will stay second class”

She then made her proposal. “I agree, you have to put them on prime time and you have to give equal opportunities to everyone, of course, always. Always do what is right for each person. There must be the same number of women’s matches as men’s matches. Currently, we play in 3 sets, so we go out quickly. I think men should change to play 3 sets. If they start treating us as second class, we’ll stay second class. Everyone needs to feel important. We should have more games. I think Amélie will take care of it next year, knowing her, she’s a winner.“A point of view that will undoubtedly cause a lot of reaction.

The book “BILLIE JEAN KING Autobiography”

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