ATP, Roland Garros > Nadal (about Alizé Cornet’s revelations about the pandemic at Roland-Garros): “If someone has tested positive, I don’t know, I don’t have that information”

The Covid‐19 has returned to a bit of news following the packages of Cilic, and Berrettini. Several players have therefore spoken on the subject and Alizé Cornet has had the merit of making a good summary. But his remarks also made his colleagues react, in particular a certain Rafael Nadal.N

« We are tennis players, not health specialists. Those who are prepared, the health experts, must take action. We can all give our opinion, above all, but it would become a circus. “If someone tested positive at Roland‐Garros? I don’t know, I don’t have that information. I prefer not to talk about it because I do not have all the information. Obviously, I hope not to find myself in this situation of Matteo or Marin. If so, I will act as responsibly as possible. For me, it depends a lot on the situation, but overall health comes first.”



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