Atletico Alexandria at the stage with the champions

Organized in Riccione with the Fiamme Oro sports group

RICCIONE – Three days with the samples, training and fighting. A special experience for Atletico Judo Alexandriawho organized the national internship with the Fiamme Oro sports group in Riccione.

On the tatami Matteo Radaci, Alessandro Migliazzi, Ecaterina Ricagni, Leonardo Ricagni, Romina Martino, Maya Martino, Gabriel Izzo, Flora Tabacchetti, Alexandra Chibea, Riccardo Graci, Martina Truisi, Haron Ben Mokhtar, Meriem Zolati, Luca Strazzafollowed by the coaches Luca Izzo e Simone Martino.

A ‘three days’ of great prestige, with representatives of clubs from all over Italy and from England, Slovenia, Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain. The Olympians were among the big players Odette Giuffrida, Fabio Basile, Bilodid D’Aria, Thelma Monteiro e Lasha Shadasvilithree times on the podium at the Olympics.

For everyone, double training every day, a great job that will also be used for the next international match, from Friday to the tournament in Liechtenstein.

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