Athletics: white season and change of coach for Christophe Lemaitre

What if Christophe Lemaitre went into exile (finally)? Ex-nugget of French athletics, the sprinter – who has fallen below 10 seconds in the 100m at the age of 20, multiple European champion, bronze medalist in the 200m at the 2011 Worlds then at the 2016 Olympics – announces that he changes everything. At 32 years old. “I’m fed up with not being able to train because of injuries, with not performing anymore, so I want a radical change,” he explains.

A few days ago, the Savoyard therefore announced the end of his collaboration with Thierry Tribondeau, who 10 years ago had begun to take over from Pierre Carraz. The historic coach of Lemaitre, the one who had taken him to the top, had estimated in 2012 to be too old to continue to follow him full time.

Why not an experience abroad?

The break with Tribondeau is not really a surprise, so much in recent years, despite a surprise medal at the Rio Games in the 200m, Christophe Lemaitre seemed to be struggling. “This year my preparation was not optimal, admits the one who has repeatedly postponed his comeback. I hurt myself, I can see that I’m not in good shape. »

The decision was therefore made to skip the summer season. “To restart in September with a new project”, he underlines. Lemaitre admits to having several leads. “I thought of people, but I still have to exchange with her. And why not outside of this Savoy that Christophe Lemaitre has never wanted to leave until now. “We will see depending on the organization that will be put in place, but whatever happens I will remain licensed in Aix-les-Bains. »

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A dad who wants to be master of his project

Dad for a month, Christophe Lemaitre will enjoy his little girl in the coming weeks, while continuing to train. “Quitting my career was not an option, I know I can still do something, maybe not at a very high level, but I’m giving myself a chance to have no regrets. With real preparation, fewer injuries and a new challenge that will galvanize me, I can have some ambitions. I have to think more about myself, I’m going to be in control of my project, I’m going to decide what’s good for me, maybe that’s what I was missing. »



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