Athletics: sprinter Amaury Golitin temporarily suspended

Saturday evening, Amaury Golitin completed the 200m of the Paris meeting in 5th place in a modest time of 20’52. A few minutes later, in the passageways of the Charléty stadium, agents from the French anti-doping agency (AFLD) came to serve him with his provisional suspension as a precaution, with immediate effect.

He should not be able to participate in the French Championships next weekend, and therefore qualify for the Eugene Worlds (July 15-24). On Instagram, Golitin (25) has already announced his package, which he justifies by an injury. “Great experience on Friday at the Diamond League in Paris. Tense at the end of the race and big tension in the adductor when exiting the bend… A tension that turns out to be a tear and that forces me to give up on the French Elite Championships this weekend. “, he writes.

Suspected of falsifying documents

In 2021, just before the Tokyo Games, as the Parisian had written on December 9, 2021, the sprinter had narrowly escaped a suspension, due to 3 no-shows, absences when controllers came for doping tests. Between January and June 2021, two first warnings had been served on him. In mid-July 2021, a few days before flying to Japan, he was suffering from a third, which would have caused him to miss the Olympics. Golitin had then provided explanations which, at that time, had convinced the legal department of the AFLD. According to our information, he would now be suspected of having falsified documents to justify his three no-shows in 2021. He would also be subject to several breaches of geolocation rules, which generally result in warnings from the AFLD ,

Already punished for bad behavior at INSEP

If he has never achieved canon times (10′’07 over 100 m; 20′’25 over 200 m), the sprinter from Cayenne had been in the hot seat for a few months, because of his behavior. Auditioned last December by the sanctions commission of the French athletics federation (FFA), he had received a 6-month ban from participating « sporting events organized or authorized by the FFA”, which had deprived him of the winter season. The federation accused him of several bad behaviors at Insep, where he trained last year, and during the Tokyo Olympics.

In Japan, with Mouhamadou Fall, the FFA accused him in particular of having “damaged” the atmosphere of the 4 x 100 m relay. Not selected for the individual Olympic events, Golitin had first threatened not to honor his selection in the relay, before finally expressing his dissatisfaction, in particular by delays in training. The coach at the time, Dimitri Demonière had then decided to remove him from the titular quartet. Back from Tokyo, Golitin and Fall had openly criticized Dimitri Demonière, demanding in various letters, his resignation.

The accusations of his girlfriend

But it’s not just at the Olympics that Amaury Golitin stood out. On September 23, 2021, Fabien Canu, the director of Insep, had notified him of his temporary exclusion from the establishment, pending referral to the disciplinary committee. The sprinter, who had then decided to head for the United States was authorized to train there but no longer to reside there. On July 21, the day before taking the plane for Tokyo, Golitin attacked his girlfriend, an athlete also then residing at Insep. A supervisor then intervened to ask the sprinter to leave the young woman’s room.

She had also accused Golitin of having assaulted her a few weeks earlier. She also explained in a letter that since their separation, Golitin “has been harassing her more and more aggressively. It was all of these facts that brought the sprinter before the FFA Sanctions Committee. From now on, Amaury Golitin, who is presumed innocent, risks much more.



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