Athletes from Carabobo will wear the tricolor in the XIX Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022

Fifty-two athletes from Carabobo state will wear the tricolor uniform at the XIX Valledupar Bolivarian Games, Colombia, to be held from June 24 to July 5, as part of the large national delegation of 584 athletes who will see action in 44 disciplines at the event. regional.

According to a review of Venezuelan News Agencyin this sports event, sister countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will also be present, together with invited nations, since 2013, such as Chile, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and El Salvador, all united in the spirit of union and the ideology of Bolívar.

Fencing will kick off the great sporting event, with the presentation of Carabobeños, Hilary Avelleira, Anabella Acurero, Miranda Celis and César Aguirre. While women’s softball will have the participation of Diana Arcay, Irene Rabasco, Cristina Rodríguez, Mary Luz Torres, Eyla Infante, Milián Jiménez and Ana Coscorrosa from Carabobo.

In the BMX cycling modality, the South American champion Jhorman Sivira and the Latin American champion Vladimir Rodríguez will be present, while one of the best cyclists in the country, Angie González, will be on the track, as well as Angy Luna, along with Yorber Terán. In boxing, Jhoinner “El Tren” Bonilla (57Kg) and Christian “La Maquina” Palacio (69Kg) will do the same.

Carabobeña Verónica Lozada, a sports shooter, will also raise the tricolor, along with Maribel Pineda (air/sports pistol), Douglas Gómez (air/rapid shooter) and Mario Suárez (Olympic Trench).

While in karate we will be represented by Claudymar Garcés (Kumite/61KG) and César Riera (Kumite).

Natalie Griman (63Kg) José Díaz (96Kg) and Cristian Sarcos (86Kg) will perform in wrestling, while Wilexis Rivas will do the same in Greco Romano (74Kg). For its part, Fabiola Díaz (Kumite/52Kg) and Willys García (Kumite 66Kg) will compete in Judo. In weightlifting, Kerlys Montilla, Génesis Rodríguez, Yaniuska Espinoza, Katerine Echandia and Johan Sanguino will go up to the 4×4 platform.

For its part, the women’s handball team will be made up of regional Oriana Carvajal, Oriana Fuentes, Oriana Salcedo, María De Andrade, Yinierlis Yepez, Saimer Loyos, Nohelis Giménez, Yarketszi Moreno and Gina Castillo. While in the men’s, Gregori Mariño will defend the goal. In Bowling Gilant González will say present.

The gymnasts Getsemary Martínez, Aurimar Roa and Milka León will also appear in Valledupar; while in Athletics Arianna Gutiérrez (high jump) and Iván Romero (4×100) will compete. Vanesa Suárez (Single) will say present for field tennis.

With great spirits and high morale, the Golden Generation of Carabobo sports is ready and willing to add to the national medal table in this important continental event that is part of the Olympic cycle for Paris 2024.




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