At the World Swimming Championships: During her freestyle, the synchronized swimmer sinks unconscious in the pool

Sport At the swimming world championships

During her freestyle, the synchronized swimmer sinks unconscious in the pool

Didn't get up after her freestyle: Anita Alvarez went down in the World Cup pool

Didn’t get up after her freestyle: Anita Alvarez went under in the World Cup pool, but was saved

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Great excitement at the Swimming World Championships after an incident occurred in synchronized swimming. The American Anita Alvarez suffered a fainting spell during her solo freestyle and went down unconscious.

BAt the swimming world championships in Budapest on Wednesday there was an incident during the decision in the free solo program of the synchronized swimmers. The American Anita Alvarez fell unconscious in the pool immediately after her performance. She had to be rescued by her trainer and another person.

30 minutes after the incident, a caregiver announced that Alvarez was doing well. The fainting spell was stress-related and was not the first of its kind.

FINA World Aquatics Championships - Artistic Swimming Women Duet Technical

Five days ago still in action as a duet: Anita Alvarezwith her partner Megumi Field (right)

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Best German World Cup result

Synchronized swimmer Marlene Bojer is one of the ten best in the world in the solo free program competition. Thanks to a strong performance at the world title fights in Budapest, the woman from Munich scored 84.2000 points on Wednesday and thus finished tenth. It was both the highest number of points and the best World Championship result by a German athlete since the technical and free program were separated in 2007.

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The Japanese Yukiko Inui won her second title, who also won the free dance with 95.3667 points after the competition in the technical dance. She relegated Marta Fiedina from Ukraine and Evangelia Platanioti from Greece.

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“I can not believe it. It’s all like a dream at the moment,” said Bojer. The 29-year-old reached the final four times in four starts in Budapest. After two eleventh places in the technical freestyle in solo and in a duet with Michelle Zimmer, she has now managed to place in the top 10.

On Thursday, Bojer will contest the duet performance in the free program with Zimmer as the last World Championship competition.

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