At the age of 57, the boxing champion still has a KO punch in his hand, as a security guard he did not mate with an aggressive young man

The days of glory in the ring are long gone. To the former British champion Julius Franciswho boxed with the legendary Tyson in 2000, is now 57 years old and makes a living as a security guard at the BOXREC complex in London.

A few days ago, he and his colleagues had to deal with several aggressive young men there. The video from the incident shows how they argue with the security guards and one of them even attacks them aggressively. Francis looks icy calm and gradually pushes the rioters together with the others behind the barriers. When one of them steps forward against him, he knocks him to the ground with one precisely aimed blow to the chin.

It is difficult to judge how adequate such an situation was. But you can see in the video that the young man with the blue scarf was obviously not going to tame himself and was reaching out against the boxer. The owner of the complex also defended Francis. According to him, the young men insulted and attacked the guests and staff, they were also supposed to spit on them. The security team then tried to take them out for 15 minutes, and the young man with the blue scarf at the end of the incident looked like he wanted to attack Julius.

A British boxer also stood up for Francis Tyson Furyaccording to which the young man learned a valuable life lesson. “I saw the video, great right-hander, by the way. This happens when you’re rude, rude, and weighed in. What do you expect? When you kick a dog, it bites you, doesn’t it?”



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