At Jannella, the album and stickers of the Bbc Grosseto players

Grosseto: The Grosseto baseball fans on Friday and Saturday will findentrance to the Roberto Jannella stadium, which will host a super duel between Bbc Grosseto Spirulina Becagli and Parmaclima, the album and stickers of the Serie A baseball and Serie A1 softball championships, a project born from the partnership between FIBS and Akinda Italia.

“The project consists of 3 albums – explains Akinda’s general manager, Attilio Colaci – two for the Serie A baseball championship, divided into two volumes with groups AB and CD and 1 for the A1 softball championship, with also the section dedicated to referees. The realization of the album was at no cost for FIBS and for the companies, who participated with great enthusiasm and who support us in the distribution. The album is a very powerful marketing tool and can be used to make the protagonists of these disciplines better known to fans (and others) and to younger children to whom the initiative is particularly aimed ». Fibs and Akinda dedicated four pages at the Bbc Grosseto Spirulina Becagli, with pictures of players and technicians. The album also includes a page dedicated to autographs and dedications.



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