At 95, baseball star Maybelle Blair comes out

American women’s baseball star Maybelle Blair took advantage of the preview of the new Amazon Prime series “A League of Their Own” to come out on June 16. Aged 95, the former professional sportswoman says she has been in hiding for 85 years, reveals the Huffington Post. But then, why take the plunge now? To show “young players that they are not alone”, she replied.

Confident about her adolescence in the 1940s, Maybelle Blair spoke to the public about the fear of announcing her homosexuality to her family, her conviction of being alone in the world, her feeling of not being well, as reported by the media. American Them.

In 1992, Madonna played her role

Available on Amazon Prime from August 12, “A League of Their Own” is an adaptation of the film of the same name released in 1992. At the time, this feature film had already highlighted the lesbian community by advocating the emancipation of women, while featuring queer personalities like Geena Davis.

In this film, Maybelle Blair had inspired the character of Mae Mordabito, interpreted by the singer Madonna. Three decades later, the drama series adaptation of this sports comedy will evoke even more clearly the relationships of female baseball players.



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