Arconatese, the Chessa-Ferrandino couple is reconstituted

ARCONATE (MI) – The couple is reconstituted ChessaFerrandino. After the start of the market that led to Arconate “SuperMario” Chessathe oroblù team has formalized the arrival of the other “90 piece” of the Castellanzesethat Daniele Ferrandinosecond point of speed and great technique, which in neroverde formed a formidable attacking couple.

The new number 10 ofArconatese6 goals last season, he served endless assists Mario Chessamaking a decisive contribution to making him reach 21 goals.

A fundamental piece, what the DS enio Colombo has decided to include in the squad of Mister Giovanni Livieriwho in the next few days could be further enriched by another striker, as the coach himself admits, who prefers to play with three strikers: “We have a good chance of closing with whoever is right for us. This week we will be able to know definitively.

Born in Chivasso (TO) in 1999 and coming from the youth sector of Torino, Ferrandino before landing in Castellanza (where he made 32 appearances and 6 goals), he played in the Borgosesiain Pro Sixth is in the Chierimaking a total of 150 appearances in Serie D, scoring 19 goals in all.

(Photo Castellanzese Calcio 1921)



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