Arco: from Monday to the European Championships in Monaco

On Sunday the 18th Elective Congress will be held with Scarzella again candidate for the presidency Wae. On Tuesday 7 June there will be 12 blues competing for the continental review

The 18th elective congress of the European Archery Federation (World Archery Europe) will take place this weekend in Munich, Germany and will be a prelude to the continental review which kicks off on Monday and ends on Sunday 12 June. The meeting of the executive committee will take place on Saturday, while on Sunday the congress will take place which, among other posts, will renew the role of president and will see the outgoing president Mario Scarzella reapply for the European summit. The president of Fitarco is now a long-time executive not only at a national level, but also at a European and global level, considering that he was elected president of World Archery Europe in 2006 and has held the role of deputy vice president of the international federation since 2011. .

relevant appointment

On this occasion, together with Scarzella and the European secretary general Alessandra Colasante, the president of the World Archery Ugur Erdener will be present in the German city, as well as the general secretary of the international federation Tom Dielen. This is a rather important election date, given that in addition to the role of president, there will also be votes for the election of a vice-president, three members of the executive committee, a member of the youth commission, a member of the technical commission and a single component also for para-archery commissions, match judges, 3D and field shooting.

voting and Europeans

The elective congress will be a prelude to the European Outdoor Championship which will also be held in Monaco from 7 to 12 June. 12 Italian archers will take the field, belonging to the Olympic and compound divisions. The Italian team will reach Germany on Sunday by bus and will see the airmen Mauro Nespoli and Federico Musolesi with Alessandro Paoli (Fiamme Azzurre) on the firing line with Alessandro Paoli (Fiamme Azzurre), in addition to the color bearers of the Gold Flames Tatiana Andreoli and Lucilla Boari, with an exceptional novelty like the Paralympic champion Elisabetta Mijno (Fiamme Azzurre) who, to the sound of results and records at the rallies or evaluation competitions carried out in recent months, finally responds to her first international call with the “able-bodied”. In the compound the owners will be Marco Bruno (Iuvenilia Archers), Elia Fregnan (Torrazzo Archers), Valerio Della Stua (Solese Archers), Elisa Roner (Kosmos Rovereto), Marcella Tonioli (Montalcino Archers) and Sara Ret (Cormons Archers). The Azzurri will be able to test the pitch on Monday 6 with the official test shots, while on Tuesday they will take to the field to define the scoreboard of individual and team direct matches with the 72 qualifying arrows.



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