Archery/World Cup in Paris. The Franc-Comtois Jean-Charles Valladont passes the first round and is reassured

The competitions pass and Jean-Charles Valladont seems to assimilate each time a little better the methods of the new coach of the Blues, the South Korean Oh Seon Tek.

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For his entry into the running at the third World Cup of the season, this Wednesday in Paris, the archer from Boussières crossed the first round against the Slovak Duchon (6-2) after taking 38th place in qualifying with 665 points, certainly far from Kim Woojin (694). “It’s a decent score, I’m happy with it. It is in the continuity of what we put in place with the new coach and that comforts me…”, breathed the Franc-Comtois.

Best Frenchman, Valladont is on favorable ballot to compete in the mixed and the team event, while the other Tricolores sank in qualifying (Addis 68th with 652; Plihon 86th with 637; Chirault 96th with 632). But all have however rectified the situation to pass the first round individually. In the second, Valladont will face the Indian Rai on Friday before a possible reunion with his American pal Brady Ellison.



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