Archery, the Italian Regions Cup in Capaccio Paestum

CAPACCIO PAESTUM. Capaccio Paestum will host the twenty-first edition of the Italian Regions’ Cup – Memorial Gino Mattielli – which will take place from 17 to 19 June. One of the most heartfelt events of the entire national calendar takes place on an extraordinary stage such as the archaeological area of ​​the town in the province of Salerno with the competition field set up near the temples of Paestum. It is the umpteenth confirmation that archery combines sport and enhancement of the territory and is therefore also a driving force for tourism, in fact there will be over 800 people arriving from all over Italy for the competition. In Paestum there will be about 800 presences between athletes and technicians of all twenty-one Regional Committees who will battle for the title. Last year in Asti the winner was Lombardy, the sixth success in history, while at the moment it is Piedmont with seven titles that can count more successes from 2002 to today.

THREE RACES TO ASSIGN THE TROPHY – The competition is divided into three types of competition: the “First Star Race”, dedicated to athletes in the Senior and Master categories of the Olympic Arch and Compound divisions engaged in target shooting; the “Second Star Race”, aimed at the youth categories (Junior, Allievi, Ragazzi and Giovanissimi) belonging to the Olympic division only and always engaged in target shooting; finally, the “Third Star Race”, which sees the athletes of the Master and Senior categories, belonging to the Olympic Arch, Naked Arch and Compound divisions, engaged on the field shooting courses. The scores obtained by adding the three rankings, with the addition of a bonus system for victories in direct matches valid for individual podiums, will draw the definitive ranking by Regions.

THE COMPETITION PROGRAM – The program foresees the opening ceremony on Friday 17 June with all the delegations to color the competition field and the Temples of Paestum. Saturday the official start of the event with the qualifications of all three races, that of the campaign will take place at the Pineta di Paestum. Sunday will be the decisive moment with the semifinals and finals that will award the trophy.

LIVE STREAMING RACES – The Italian Cup of the Regions will be broadcast live by Youarco, the Federation’s official Youtube channel, on both days of competition. On Sunday the finals will also be visible, always live, on the OA Sport web channel “Sport2U”.



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