Anthony Davis, the condition of the Nets to transfer Kyrie Irving to the Lakers

A los Brooklyn Nets they’re having a hard time coming up with a plan after their early elimination from the playoffs. Kevin Durant he continues to be an unbalanced player but the years (he will turn 34 in September) also pass through him. Ben Simmonswhich came in the transfer of James Harden to the Sixers, he still hasn’t played a single minute for his team. Y the relationship with Kyrie Irving is not going through its best moments.

The base has been related to the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, and although the Nets do not give up their renewal, have set conditions for a hypothetical exit to the Los Angeles team

The only realistic offer the Nets would consider and accept from the Lakers for Kyrie Irving is one involving Anthony Davis.

Brian Windhorst (ESPN Journalist)

The franchise of Brooklyn will be “open” to a trade involving Irving for a player like Anthony Davis, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. The deal seems unlikely, but not impossible in the opinion of the prestigious journalist. “The only realistic offer the Nets would consider and accept from the Lakers for Kyrie Irving is one involving power forward Anthony Davis,” he said in a statement. Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective.

An operation with too many edges

This operation may seem like a long shot to almost everyone, since Irving (30 years old) and Davis (29 years old) They are usually players who are considered untouchable, but more impossible things have been seen in the NBA. It would depend on what both franchises saw it as viable (the Lakers do not seem for the work) and that the players also gave their approval.

Kyrie Irvinga fantastic base, is in question for not being able to turn their teams into winners and that has reduced their value in the market, especially after such a disastrous season for the Nets. In Los Angeles it could improve under the leadership of LeBron James. and also Anthony Davis could give his best and improve his performance together with Kevin Durant. If that apparently utopian operation were successful today, it would be the bombshell of the season.

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