Another trade for the Knicks, who are preparing heavy!

Very active during the evening of the draft, the Knicks showed their desire to be offensive this Thursday evening, for the opening of the free agency. The franchise just proved it again this Tuesday evening, with a new trade for the roster, aiming to make room for June 30. The target is already found.

While the draft was relatively calm trade-wise, only one franchise managed to bring some action with it: the Knicks. The franchise had clearly come with a plan, which was to get rid of its picks to save money. She recovered a few draft rounds, but above all fired Kemba Walker’s contract at the same time (all the moves can be found here).

The trades continue at the Knicks!

A simple cleaning for the front office? Yes, but with an idea in mind of course. The project is called Jalen Brunson, who will be a free agent Thursday night after another great season with the Mavs. New York has every intention of offering him a big contract by freeing up cap space. The new trade that took place with the Pistons on Tuesday evening goes in this direction, since two players have still left the ship.

The Knicks send their center Nerlens Noel and guard Alec Burks to the Pistons. The Knicks will free up $19 million more in salary, freeing up cap space to try to sign free agent Jalen Brunson.

The Knicks add two future second-round draft picks and money to the deal with the Pistons.

No need to look far: the Knicks are cleaning up to get money to spend this summer. Brunson is the target, he who should leave Dallas this summer, especially given the offer from New York. According to ESPN, we risk going high enough to attract the point guard, and the Mavericks will not have the means to fight:

When the free agency opens its doors this Thursday, the New York Knicks should present a 110 million offer over 4 years to Jalen Brunson.

The Knicks are absolutely not hiding it: they are doing what is necessary to present a big offer to Jalen Brunson. Does the leader deserve it? That’s another debate, but the front office is convinced. Answer Thursday evening to find out if the player accepts, and especially if Dallas folds. Watch out for a possible twist.



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