Announced in Bruges for two days, Andy Carroll cut short his honeymoon for a tryout at the Club… but failed

The double whammy! Currently without a club after half a season with West Bromwich in the Championship (we can’t say he was sparkling), the former Liverpool player remains on a few difficult years. Far from being the atypical but oh so precious player at the Reds in the early 2010s, Andy Carroll struggles to survive in the professional world.

In order to forget his difficult season a little, the Englishman had decided to take a few good days of good weather by leaving for Tulum, Mexico, for his honeymoon. But this will have been short-lived, according to the Mirror. Indeed, a trial opportunity at Club Brugge presented itself to him and he did not hesitate for a second to cut short his honeymoon for that. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned for him: the club’s management were not satisfied with his physical and mental tests and therefore did not offer him a trial period.

He who hoped to relaunch his career in Belgium, it is missed…



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