Annette Yoel, towards a third appearance at Roland-Garros

Annette Yoel will leave on Wednesday June 22 for Paris and more precisely for Roland-Garros, for the third time in ten years. She will participate in the French championships in her 75 category. She is ranked 15/3, only five players have a higher level than hers in France. Annette is approaching her 75th birthday and has been playing tennis for thirty-five years now, “at first in leisure, then now in competition”. She is the second player from Occitanie in the 75 category. For two years, Yohan Rousseaux has been training at the Beaucaire Tennis Club.

“I manage to be good on my court, I manage to direct my match, Yohan has a lot of patience”, smiles the player. The weeks are busy for Annette Yoel: training on Tuesdays and Fridays for an hour and a half and two matches a week which last between an hour and a half and three hours, not to mention the sessions with her husband Jean-Jacques.

“Playing at Roland-Garros is incredible”

“Playing at Roland-Garros is incredible, I will never forget the first time.” This year, she will be up against the twenty-four best French players in her category. For the occasion, she made a special preparation only on clay.

“The difficulty is to keep the rankingconfides the player before adding the atmosphere of Roland-Garros is family, even if there is a spirit of competition.” Annette deplores the fact that there aren’t many tournaments for people aged 50 and over. She participates in competitions with players much younger than her. Throughout the year it participates in competitions: championship in winter and tournaments in summer. His goal : “Do as many laps as possible and why not reach the final, I will fight like crazy.”



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