Andy Cruz absent from Playa Girón boxing after leaving Cuba

In the last hours, the Cuban Olympic and world boxing champion, Andy Cruz, left Cuba and will look for a future in professional boxing. The information offered by Willie Suárez, of Cuban Boxing confirmed the decision of the monarch under the five rings in Tokyo 2020, who did not appear at the Playa Girón Tournament on the island.

Suárez had anticipated it in a previous video, but recently confirmed that Cruz was no longer in the largest of the Antilles. “Young Andy was expected yesterday at the tournament and he didn’t show up. They automatically went out to look for him everywhere and did not find him. Andy Cruz is already out of Cuba and very soon live with Willie Suárez,” said Boxeo Cubano on Facebook.

Likewise, in another publication, the prestigious page that follows all the events of the sport of fists inside and outside of Cuba, said that “it was total astonishment with the absence of Andy Cruz in the tournament. I cannot mention names so as not to associate the sources with anything, but some of the highest leaders of the National Federation and Cuban boxing were heard shouting in frustration.”

Without an official confirmation of his departure, the newspaper Jit published a news about the start of the Playa Girón tournament this Monday and only referred to Cruz as absent from the fair. “He was absent from the last days of training and did not travel to the competition venue,” commissioner Alberto Puig de la Barca told the newspaper about it.

After the controversy over his absence in the debut of the Cuban boxing squad against professionals, Andy Cruz spoke earlier this month about his current status and plans for the future. The Antillean multi-champion, one of the leaders of the island’s national squad, was at the center of the controversy due to his absence from the cap held weeks ago in Mexico, something that generated an intense debate on social networks and the media.

So his decision cleared the picture and ratified the current migration crisis that Cuban society is experiencing, in which sport is no stranger. Also Olympic champions Fernando Dayán Jorge and Ismael Borrero had left their respective delegations and, more recently, several members of the national karate-do team did the same.

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