Anderlecht: here is classic jogging again, the recipe for “Felice-time”

A simple jog in nature, outside the academy: most players had never experienced this in Anderlecht in recent years. For the past two days, Felice Mazzù and her physical trainer Mickaël Lacluyse have reintroduced this facet of fitness to the preparation program.

Vincent Kompany comes from a completely different school. In order to avoid injuries and not to go into the red, his players ran on the treadmills in the weight room, while not exceeding certain physical parameters.

His physical trainer Bram Geers, whom he took with him to Burnley, then made them do accelerations on the ground. And their endurance, the players had to work on it during the sessions with the ball.

Player tracking is still as scientific as it was in the previous three seasons, but Mazzù is getting back to basics. He believes that in order to be able to play games thoroughly until the 95th, you have to hurt yourself during the pre-season. Will we also attend the famous “Felice-time” in Anderlecht?

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