An excellent year: Rimini also flies in basketball Maresi: “We are a land of dreams and sport”

by Francesco Zuppiroli Sweet dreams come true. This was the leitmotiv that underpinned and linked the destinies of Rimini sport, in its various disciplines, through what will in effect be remembered for a long time as “the golden year of local sport”. In these terms, on the other hand, Moreno Maresi himself also talks about it. of a sporting season in which Rimini was and is the best leading actor. Councilor, can we talk about an Oscar-winning sporting season? “Absolutely yes. It is like in fairy tales and it is not me who says it, but the results of our teams and our athletes and drivers. Starting, due to temporal proximity, precisely from the promotion of the Basketball Rebirth”. Company that you are fond of for personal reasons. “That’s right. When in 2018 together with Paolo Carasso, Davide Tucci, Paola Maggioli and other friends I contributed to the ‘Rebirth of basketball’, we laid the foundations for what now represents a historic milestone. An A2 eleven years after the last time and after a promotion from C Gold to Serie B and two years of stop and disappointments due to an external agent, such as Covid “. And how was it to be able to live such a cathartic moment as the promotion won on the Flamino parquet? “It was wonderful, a moment of pure joy and sport. I would like to underline the applause of our fans at the end of the game from our fans. players “. Thanks that this year does not go ‘only’ to the Rebirth. “This is because Rimini this year has been even more confirmed as a city of sports. A city that has celebrated two promotions, that …

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