An Amorebieta under minimum cash will start the preseason on July 18

Goalkeeper Unai Marino is currently the only player confirmed for the start of the course. / SD I love you

The blues are doomed to an almost complete restructuring of their squad to face the next course

Today, June 30, is the day on which the professional contracts of the players who last season defended the Amorebieta shirt in the first experience in the history of the Zornotzarra club expire. In just over two weeks, on July 18, the new project by Urritxe’s team will start shooting in what will also be its premiere in the First Federation, a name that will finally be given this season to the category in which the Biscayan club will compete, within group II.

A start of the course that is expected to be uncertain due to the electoral process in which Amorebieta is immersed and that is delaying the deadlines. But, above all, with a lot of work in the Urritxe offices and in the sports management. And it is that, as this newspaper has been able to confirm, today only the goalkeeper Unai Marino has signed the continuity of him in the Blues squad for this coming season. It should be remembered that the goalkeeper had a file on the subsidiary.

The ‘disbandment’ that could be foreseen in the ranks of Amorebieta after the loss of the category seems, therefore, that it will be even greater than expected. A dozen outings were taken for granted between players on loan and others who were ending their time at Urritxe. These were the cases of Guruzeta, Nolaskoain, Sergio Moreno, Javi Ros, Gaizka Larrazabal, Aimar, Mikel Saizar or Mikel Álvaro. The latter signed a few days ago for Portugalete.

But the Second Division has been a showcase for many of the players and they will try to take advantage of it. Other exits have been known through social networks. Koldo Obieta, for example, has chosen to venture into the Polish league. And Iker Bilbao, the hero of the ‘viverazo’ and also author of Amorebieta’s first goal in the Second Division, will try his luck in Greek football. The ‘exit operation’ will be longer. Orozko has been sounded out by Barakaldo, Unzueta is very popular in the Balearic Islands, Luengo and Andoni López sound strong in Santander, Álvaro Peña could return to Albacete…

few moves

Be that as it may, and if the extreme situation of Marino’s only continuity is confirmed, the zornotzarras are forced to practically completely rebuild themselves. Next to the goal, there could only be those on loan: Mikel Goiria, Garro, Leiza and Zarrabeitia. A bleak panorama that forces Amorebieta to move a lot and well to rearm. His recently relegated status could be an attraction for some players and sign with the blues. Although, at the moment, it does not seem that the market is being particularly active.

Unai Buján, from Baracaldés, an attacking midfielder from Sestao, and Zornotzarra goalkeeper Jon Mikel Magunagoitia, who would arrive from Zamora, are the only two ‘unofficial’ additions at the moment for Amorebieta, who has also been interested in the midfielder Jon Ceberio from Donostia and who ends his contract at the Talavera.

A lot of work and little time remains for Amorebiera to try to put together a competitive group to fight in a First Federation that appears very tough, with teams that are building projects and signing up with a check book, such as Intercity, La Nucía or Eldense .



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