American baseball star Maybelle Blair dies aged 95

LGBTQ+ – “I’ve been hiding for 75, 85 years and this is my first outing.” American baseball star Maybelle Blair has come out as gay at 95 and has come out after watching a new series on Amazon Prime their own league.

Maybelle Blair was one of the players in the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League, a women’s professional baseball league that existed from 1943 to 1954 in the United States and inspired the film. their own leagueEntitled “Exceptional team” in French. Maybellie Blair had inspired the character of May Mordabito, played by Madonna.

This film was released in 1992, and it has just been transformed into a series by the Amazon Prime platform. “I think it’s a great opportunity for these young players to realize that they’re not alone, that they don’t have to hide,” Mabel Blair said at the June 16 preview. .

“In our time, you wouldn’t dare tell your family or suggest to anyone that you were gay. It was the most terrible thing in the world,” the former American baseball star told the audience, opening up about her experience as a lesbian. teenager in the 1940s.

“I thought I was the only one in the world […]. I already thought “Oh my God, Maybelle, what’s wrong with you?” And she continued, according to what was reported by the American media, because I had a crush on this girl in high school they or they.

Available August 12 on Amazon Prime, Adaptation Series their own league It should be complemented by “a deeper examination of issues of race and gender,” notes the series’ press release.

In 1992, the film had already marked the lesbian community, advocating the liberation of women and featuring queer icons, such as Geena Davis, the actress a year earlier in the film. Thelma et Louise. “It’s funny, our leagueMy character was, I think, gay […]. I said: a pen [Penny Marshall, réalisatrice du film]Did you read the text?[…]“There is a bit of inclusion,” she argued in this sense the actress, as well as openly lesbian, Rosie O’Donnell in mid-2021, on her podcast “Everything Creative with Danny Pellegrino”.

After 30 years, the series adaptation offers more than just clues to viewers and will reveal the baseball players’ strange romance. “It’s also a real weird story. I know it might sound crazy to imagine that women who play professional baseball could be gay, but that was the case and it wasn’t part of the movie,” we made sure to remember Abby Jacobson, series co-founder, on The Drew Barrymore Show set in May 2021.

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