Amateurs Westphalia: Cup and championship – that’s the schedule

The Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia has announced when the cup will be drawn and the division of the season will be published.

For a few days and weeks, the ball has been resting in the amateur area in Westphalia. But the new season is already casting its shadow. So has he Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia announced on Wednesday what the schedule looks like in the coming weeks.

The first important date is July 6 (6 p.m.). The first round of the Westfalenpokal will be drawn here in the rotunda of the SportCentrum Kaiserau. A total of 64 teams are in the lottery wheel. For the first time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, representatives of all clubs have been invited.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming the participating clubs back to us. It’s always nice to get together. In addition, the club representatives can already agree on the dates for the first round,” says cup director Klaus Overwien, looking forward to the draw. Up to and including the quarter-finals, the pairings will be drawn.

Division on Thursday, July 7th

A day later, the association will announce what the inter-district leagues in men’s and women’s football look like. Chairman Reinhold Spohn, who is applying for re-election at the FLVW Association Day on June 25, has set July 7 (noon) as the publication date.

Spohn has already announced that there will definitely be no more 14 district league seasons in Westphalian men’s football in the new season. “Due to the increased ascent in the prematurely ended Corona season 2019/20, the increase was necessary. Now we want to slowly return to the original system,” says Spohn.

For the coming season, 13 instead of the original twelve seasons are initially planned.



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