All the winners at the II Woman Sport Awards Gala

All the winners at the II Woman Sport Awards Gala | Valenti Enrich.

After the success of the last edition, the II Woman SPORT Awards, an Iberian Press medium to which this newspaper also belongs, have recognized the work of those athletes, organizations, initiatives and institutions that have managed to be an example and a benchmark. All of this at a Gala held at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm that supports, recognizes and gives visibility to women in sport through different categories with national and international projection.

In this year’s edition, the winners of the II Woman SPORT Awards have been the following:

  • WOMAN SPORT AWARD: Lydia Valentín, in recognition of her effort and perseverance to reach the highest point. She has the third best active Olympic record in Spain competing in weightlifting. With three Olympic medals, four in the World Championships and twelve in the European Championships, her emergence has caused a ‘boom’ in weightlifting.
  • COMMUNICATION AWARD: Izaskun Ruiz, in recognition of his work in promoting women’s sports. TV presenter and journalist, she has extensive experience working in this field and has covered the Olympic Games, Paralympics, Athletics and Swimming World Championships, all this together with the MotoGP World Championship and the Dakar Rally.
  • OVERCOME AWARD: Carolina Marín, as an example of improvement and demonstration that everything is possible. A badminton player, she reached number 1 in the world ranking. She has been Olympic champion in Rio de Janeiro, three times world champion and six times European champion.
  • MANAGEMENT AWARD: Asunción Loriente, president of the Olympic Rowing Federation. She is the only female president of an Olympic Federation in Spain.
  • TEAM AWARD: FastHolaluz has been created to drive and promote women’s alpine skiing, helping young skiers to become benchmarks in Spain.
  • CAREER AWARD: Gemma Mengual, in recognition of a successful, stable, continuous and exemplary professional career. In her extensive list of winners, 17 gold, 18 silver and 12 bronze medals stand out between the World, European and Olympic Games championships.
  • E-SPORTS AWARD: Mayichi is one of the pioneers in women’s e-sports. She also encourages the participation of women in this area.
  • EVOLUTION AWARD: Teresa Portela, canoeist in the calm water modality. She is the winner of 15 medals in the World Canoeing Championship and 17 medals in the European Championship, and an Olympic silver medal in Tokyo 2020, at the age of 38. Her award is the award for her long and constant career.
  • BARCELONA 92 SPECIAL PRIZE: We champion the most relevant women of the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games who managed to win a medal in each of their categories.



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