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The 2022 Draft is already tonight, starting at 1:30 a.m. on the New York side. No need to wait so late to follow with us all that is going on and what is announced around this always highly anticipated and exciting event. As of this morning, you can find in this thread all the rumours, formalizations and trends on the trade front and of course the Draft.

16h53 : Jabari Smith just told Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes that he’d be “surprised if he didn’t get number 1.” The trend is confirmed for the Auburn winger, who should discover Disneyworld and Florida this year.

16h40 : Marc Stein wanted to remember that he was a big name in terms of rumors and news around the NBA and the Draft. The former NY Times has just released a small burst of juicy information: Portland is very fond of Luguentz Dort and would like to convince OKC to sell the Quebecer. At the same time, the insider explains that Deandre Ayton has let the Pistons know that he would be happy to play for them, especially because of the presence of Cade Cunningham. What encourage Detroit to go on the attack tonight?

Coaching level, and even if it is not directly linked to the Draft, the Hornets would lean for a return of Steve Clifford at the controls, after the renunciation of Kenny Atkinson and the cooling of the track Mike D’Antoni.

16h25 : Photos of future draftees are coming out. It’s a bit like two rooms, two atmospheres, between the smiling Jabari Smith and the more placid Chet Holmgren, not the gayest fellow on the floor. If Woj is right and spoiled very early in the morning, these two will be the first two choices of the 2022 Draft.

15h42 : We know that the Knicks would like to rise significantly in the 2022 Draft, they who have the 10th pick. But how far can they climb? According to Ian Begley, one of their goals could be to get closer to the top 5, to avoid someone selecting the enigmatic Shaedon Sharpe before them. It will still be necessary to pay a significant price to convince Detroit, Indiana, Portland or New Orleans, which are in the range around which Sharpe and his big potential should be caught.

15h19 : Woj looks like he wants to kill all suspense. For the pope of the scoop and chief spoiler of the Draft each year with his ex-padawan Shams Charania, the top 3 of this 2022 vintage seems immutable. Jabari Smith in Orlando, Chet Holmgren in OKC and Paolo Banchero in Houston. This is enough to calm the rumors of a bookmaker-induced upheaval…

14h33 : The Wizards want a point guard. Several teams expect Washington to try to mount a draft night trade to recover Monte Morris or another veteran at position 1, after The Athletic. Their 10th pick would also be available for transfer. The franchise had already recovered Spencer Dinwiddie last summer, before transferring him to the Mavericks at the trade deadline.

14h26 : The Heat could take everyone by surprise this summer. According to Marc Stein, Miami would be interested in Kyrie Irving if he and the Nets part ways in the offseason. Eliminated in the conference finals by the Celtics, the franchise would like to strengthen with a more offensive profile to try to win the title in the years to come. The point guard is coming off a season at 27.4 points and 5.8 assists per game on 41.8 percent three-point range and could go a long way towards achieving that goal. In 2017, Jimmy Butler also described Irving as his “favorite player” in the NBA.

The Heat on the track of Kyrie Irving?

13h34 : What if the Nets moved on draft night? Several teams have in any case contacted them for a potential transfer of Joe Harris and of Cam Thomas, according to HoopsHype. With the arrival of Seth Curry during the season, rival teams believe Harris is available. The injured winger has only played 14 matches this season. His transfer could allow Brooklyn to find the size and athleticism they are looking for to fill the gaps in the roster.

13h08 : The Pelicans have put Devonte Graham in the transfer market, according to HoopsHype. The point guard could be included in a trade with the 8th draft pick, which New Orleans would be ready to part with to improve the workforce. He comes out of a season with 11.9 points and 4.2 assists in 28.4 minutes per game, shooting just 36.3%.

12h30: The Celtics, Jazz, Pacers and Pistons are reportedly looking to salvage a first-round draft pick. They would mainly target picks beyond the top 15, which are easier to acquire, according to the Bleacher Report. Boston would be particularly ready to part with a player from its rotation, such as Grant Williams or Payton Pritchard in this objective.

12h03 : Nikola Jokic would love to play with the EuroLeague star Vasilije Micic, according to the Bleacher Report. The Nuggets are among the favorites to sign the player, who is said to be interested in joining the NBA. The Spurs, Bucks and Bulls are also interested and could try to reclaim Micic’s rights in a transfer with the Thunder, who currently hold them.

11h41 : The Sixers continue to search for a potential transfer partner for Tobias Harris. The franchise has surveyed numerous teams to gauge its worth, as well as those of Danny Green et Matisse Thybulle, according to the Bleacher Report. In particular, this would make room for PJ Tuckerof which Philadelphia would be the most likely destination if he leaves the Heat.

11h21 : The Jazz seem ready to clean up. The franchise is asking for a first-round draft pick in exchange for any player in its rotation, according to the Bleacher Report. With the exception of Donovan Mitchell et Rudy Gobert, of course. Many teams would be particularly interested in a transfer of Royce O’Neale.

10h57 : Myles Turner is one of the most obvious candidates for a trade around the Draft and before the start of the season. According to the Bleacher Report, the Hornets, Raptors, Wolves and Knicks would be the most interested and the most willing to be generous with the Pacers to convince them to let go of their interior. We’ve heard so much that Turner was going to move in recent seasons that we only believe it when we see him…

Myles Turner in the sights of many teams

10h02: Luke Kennard might not make old bones in Los Angeles. Despite a 45% 3-point season, the Clippers shooter would be on the market according to Signed for 64 million over 4 years in 2020, the rear has never fully established himself in LA, in any case not up to his salary. The former Dukie remains relatively young (25) and under contract until 2024, which should please several franchises.

09h47 : The folder Deandre Ayton is one of the hottest of the offseason. The Suns would not be willing to offer him what he is asking for and would opt, according to Woj, for a sign and trade. In pole position in case this situation presents itself well: the Detroit Pistons, freshly endowed with 41 million for free agency thanks to their move to trader Jerami Grant in Portland. As crazy as it may seem, Detroit could also not match the offers that will come in for their pivot as a restricted free agent and let him leave without consideration…

Deandre Ayton, main target of the Pistons?

09h23 : Sam Presti is a virtuoso when it comes to dealer picks or drafting players. The GM of the Thunder would have a rather crazy idea in mind: to associate two of the biggest prospects of this Draft 2022. In addition to Chet Holmgren, his number one target with pick n ° 2, Presti would like to “trade-up” from here tonight using his war chest (first 16 draft rounds until 2027). The project: recover another young talent from the top 5 or 10, a priori Jaden Iveythe back of Purdue, or Shaedon Sharpethe mystery man of Kentucky.

09h06 : Don’t think the 1st pick is already guaranteed to be used for Jabari Smith. Kevin O’Connor de The Ringer, who placed Paolo Banchero at the top of his Big Board, the Duke player is now a favorite of the bookmakers to be chosen by Orlando in first position. It’s not a guarantee at all, but it illustrates the uncertainty surrounding this pick and the possibility of negotiations for a trade at the top of this Draft, in the manner of what could have taken place in 1993 (Chris Webber vs Penny Hardaway on picks 1 and 3) or in 2017 (Markelle Fultz vs Jayson Tatum).

08h45 : Rumors are swirling around Kyrie Irving these last hours. After the impasse mentioned between the Nets and him for an extension, the supposed interest of the Lakers for a meeting with LeBron James, now the name of Kevin Durant is involved in the file. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, a doomsday scenario could materialize should Kyrie not be extended: Kevin Durant would be likely to request his trade. Difficult to see clearly since the day before, he thought that KD was not that close to Kyrie and could consider the adventure without him. We should be set soon…

Notre Mock Draft 2022

07h17 : Dejounte Murray is coming off a superb individual season with the Spurs and Atlanta clearly wants to partner him with Trae Young for an All-Star backcourt. According to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic, negotiations are taking place between the Spurs and the Hawks for a deal centered around Murray and John Collins, who would join San Antonio in addition to additional assets of course. Murray himself does not seem to believe it too much, but we will watch it closely, especially since San Antonio has weapons in this 1st round of the 2022 Draft.

Un trade Dejounte Murray/John Collins en discussion ?

06h54 : The night was lively on the Portland side, where a trade took place around Straw Grantdislodged from Detroit against the 36th pick of the 2022 Draft, the 1st round 2025 of the Bucks, a 2nd round 2025 and a choice (the best between that of Portland and New Orleans, in the 2nd round of the 2026 Draft. The Pistons stack assets and offer 43 million margin for free agency 2022.

Shortly after, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports announced that discussions were underway between the Blazers and the Raptors around a trade involving pick #7 of 2022 and AND Anunoby. Portland badly want to strengthen on the wing, there is no doubt, even if it means sacrificing a lottery pick.



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