All in 40 minutes, WeCom Ortoetruria is played in Serie B

Sport – Basketball – Serie C gold – Biancostellati engaged in game 3 of the playoff final against the blue star Rome – At PalaMalè it starts at 20.30

by Samuele Sansonetti

Sport – Basketball – Blue Star – The audience at PalaMalè

Viterbo – “Everyone at PalaMalè, for the last time this season”.

The invitation from Ortoetruria WeCom returns valid after the defeat in race 2.

With the home success on Wednesday, the blue star Roma extended the series of the playoff final, which will be decided this evening in Viterbo.

In the via Monti Cimini stadium, after the 1,300 spectators of race 1, an even greater number of fans are expected to push Fanciullo’s team towards an extraordinary goal.

For the promotion to Serie B, the last step is missing and the biancostellati are willing to try until the end, after the victory in the match in Rome (which would have closed the series) she escaped in the final minutes. The potential is there and at this point it will be important to maintain the right mental approach both in the opening minutes and throughout the 40 minutes of play.

The final act is played starting at 20.30 and the Blue Star Viterbo has launched a beautiful social campaign to attract fans and supporters to PalaMalè. “Together for our history, together for our kids, together for our city”, reads the message released by the club.

Samuele Sansonetti

June 19, 2022



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