Alize Cornet denounces measures against COVID at Wimbledon 2022

The recent disqualifications of Cilic and Berrettini after having tested positive for COVID have generated an internal earthquake in Wimbledon 2022, with many tennis players fearful that the virus could spread and jeopardize their tournament careers. After not having raised a bubble and having very mild restrictive measures, there are many who consider it unfair that tennis players who test positive are kicked out of the event. Alize Cornet He has not held his tongue when talking about this matter in a very shocking press conference, collected by L’Equipe, and in which he has left tremendous headlines, acknowledging that at Roland Garros there were many cases of coronavirus not detected by a tacit agreement between the tennis players so that controls were not carried out, with great tennis players involved.

How does it influence the tournament that points are not distributed for the ranking

The Frenchwoman was not limited to talking about the pandemic, but also how it affects tennis players that there are no points in between, offering a pragmatic view of the matter. “We all want to do well. The event loses some splendor as there are no points involved, but money motivates a lot. Once you get on the track, the only thing you want is to win. It hurts me that they don’t give points because I know I can do well on this surface, but I’m a competitor. It motivates me to get up at 7 in the morning to play a club match, so how can I not be motivated to play at Wimbledon?

Opposition to how the Wimbledon 2022 organization is handling the pandemic

“Let’s see, I don’t want to underestimate the impact of COVID, but it is something that has already entered our routine life. We have been vaccinated, we have spent a year and a half in health bubbles and we have fulfilled our mission. This disease must be part of our life, I hope that the time of psychosis is behind us. It would not make any sense for the tournament to start doing massive tests now and establish firm protocols. They have already made a controversial decision by not distributing points, this would already be the straw that breaks the camel’s back “, reveals. “Years ago there were events in which four or five tennis players withdrew due to stomach problems. In tournaments like this there can be situations of some spoiled food, but that did not lead to tightening the protocols and kicking those who had gastroenteritis out of the tournament. Yes We return to those times regarding COVID, I am going to stop participating in tournaments,” he said.

Mass COVID cases at Roland Garros and tacit agreement to hide them

“What nobody knows is that in Paris there was a real coronavirus epidemic and all the tennis players agreed not to get tested. There were great players involved and I am concerned about what that information can generate when it is made public,” said Alizé. Cornet explaining his words. “Krejcikova withdrew from doubles due to COVID and when you see that all the rest of the circuit is sick, with the same symptoms, such as cough and sore throat, well, you can get an idea. We decided not to take tests to avoid getting into trouble. I saw to companions with masks in all common areas because they were sure they had it and they had a civic spirit, “said the French tennis player.



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