Alfredo Arias and Santa Fe continue in preseason preparing for the second semester | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

After a tournament in which Independiente Santa Fe had the latent illusion of qualifying for the final home runs until the last dates, Martín Cardetti left the ranks prematurely and Agustín Julio and Grigori Méndez culminated the competition on the bench.

In the place of the Argentine strategist and the Colombian duo, Alfredo Arias arrived with a view to classifying and fighting for the title with the cardinal cast. A lion that wants to roar loudly in the second half that already has confirmation of his first incorporation, such as the central defender from Pachuca in Mexico, Geisson Perea.

Thus, Independiente Santa Fe continues to prepare at the Tenjo sports venue with the illusion and the need to fight for the BetPlay League 2022-II. Alfredo Arias spoke with Win Sports + about the training sessions they are having in the preseason. The start of the second semester, although the first is not over yet, is just around the corner and good preparation will be essential.

Alfredo Arias commented on the channel, ‘there is a phrase that says that the winning team does not touch and I try to ensure that the losing team does not touch, unless the fault is very obvious or there is an injury, because we have to start to build and control the demons. Control is the conviction that what you train is what you want’.

In addition, he also spoke about his experiences in Colombian Professional Football, since it is worth noting that he had already directed Deportivo Cali in Colombia, ‘I have learned a lot, in football you win or you learn, I don’t know if I know more, but I do I know that I ignore less. When I arrived in Colombia I practically did not know the environment, I let myself be guided by the players who could come to my team, they guided me well, but now I can give my opinion’.

With more downs than ups, and with the turn he wants to give to Santa Fe, he has a clear game idea, ‘now I’m going to have more tools for my team to star in games, I want the team I manage to have more chances of make a goal’. The Cardinals will debut against La Equidad at the Estadio Metropolitano de Techo.



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