Alexander Zverev could miss the US Open: “Do not play until you are 100% recovered”

Alexander Zverev could extend his absence after the injury who suffered in the semifinals of Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal and it is that the German tennis player assured that if he does not reach 100% for the US Open not play.

The German had to go through the operating room to repair cruciate ligament rupture he suffered last month, so his recovery could take longer.

Zverev highlighted that in an interview for the Bild newspaper that, if he does not arrive in his best condition at the US Open prefer not to play.

If I go to the US Open it is not to pass a couple of rounds, but to win the title

“I also don’t know whether to come back at the US Open, He will have to play a couple of tournaments before to get there well, for now there is no return date. I don’t want to play immediately after recovering, if I go to the US Open it is not to pass a couple of rounds, but to win the title. Don’t play again until 100% recovered.”

The tournament will be played from August 29 to September 11 and there was talk that Zverev’s return out in August. Although not yet defined, its absence is almost certain.

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