Alexander Domínguez made mistakes in the Nacional vs. Tolima final: this is what the press in Ecuador says | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The goalkeeper of the Ecuadorian National Team, Alexander Domínguez, did not have a good night in the first leg against Atlético Nacional, and was compromised in the goals with which Deportes Tolima ended up run over by Atanasio Girardot. The 3-1 turned out to be a hard blow that no one expected and that leaves them on the ropes facing the second leg that will be on Sunday.

Regarding the performance of the ‘Tri’ goalkeeper, the Colombian final echoed in his country and everyone agrees that it was “a bad night” for ‘Dida’, who has shown a great level in recent times, and that in the South American Qualifiers with the Ecuadorian team, he starred in brilliant saves. One of the many went to Luis Díaz in Barranquilla. An impossible ball.

However, the goals converted by Danovis Banguero, Yerson Candelo (from midfield), and Andrés Andrade, left many comments with which today they punish the experienced goalkeeper who will play the World Cup in Qatar. From his country they recognize the mistakes but they also encourage him to recover and go for the title.

“A poor performance in the Colombian final”, “a match to be forgotten in the Colombian final”, “Alexander Dominguez’s night was very bad”, are some of the phrases used by the media in his country and a sector of the press referring to his performance in the first leg.

The journalist Camilo Taufic went further and analyzed each of the actions in which the goalkeeper was involved. Likewise, he wanted Domínguez to recover from the hard day and manage to come back with his team to win the title in Colombia. “In the 3 goals he has some responsibility,” he said.



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