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One of the most controversial issues in recent days has been the effective playing time that is disputed in the matches of the League I-2022. Alexander Mejia spoke on the subject and shared the difficult moments that some players of National Athletic in the last two home run games, against millionaires in Bogotá and in front of Junior.

They gave us a statistic, and I don’t want it to sound like an excuse or anything like that. Juan Camilo Chaverra from Bucaramanga took between 7 and 8 seconds to serve. We never complain that if they made time, that’s an excuse. We are in the final, doing time, not doing time, we are in the final, the rest are empty words”, remarked Mejia.

In addition, “it is so clear, with our proposal, we are in the final anyway and the rest is forgotten. Everyone complains, Junior’s coach (Juan Cruz Real) speaks, (Alberto) Gamero speaks, now, we are in the final. What happened, happened, we can no longer go back anything. If you don’t like a team burning time, talk to the referees and let them speed up the game. We are trying to speed up the game, but every time we go to serve, the VAR checks everything. So what speed is there? We accommodate to what the VAR says”.

Regarding the health situation of some players in recent games, Alexander commented that “we had more than six players who had a difficult time in Bogotá, many with fever, diarrhea, a lot of situations. The journalist did not know, the referees did not know, but this is to value the effort, the impetus and the desire to go out on the field. We haven’t recovered well yet. But here everyone complains, they say they have been for a long time, that in Barranquilla Kevin Mier took off his shoes, anyway”.

Finally, the midfielder spoke about the double competition that his rival will have in the Sports Tolima final, which after finishing the I-2022 League, will have to attend the Copa Libertadores round of 16 key against Flamengo from Brazil, an instance where he had not been since 1982.

“I imagine that Tolima is going to dose efforts, they are going to face a big South American team like Flamengo, they are facing a great opportunity to pass a key and they are looking at everything that this round trip of the final implies, to start well in Cup against Flamengo. They have a wide roster, players who can make variations without problems, with an intelligent coach who has done important things, they strengthened themselves well and hopefully they can represent us well in the international tournament. We will compete with what they can put up and what we can put up”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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