Alejandro Kirk among the most voted players

Less than a month to go All Star Game from MLBand it was revealed how the votes are going by the fans of the Big Tent where the Mexican catcher appears Alejandro Kirkwho leads the list of receivers in the new circuit.

The man from Tijuana has had a dream start to the season with the Blue Jays from Toronto, where he registers a .307 percentage with the wood in his 179 appearances at the plate, where he has managed to connect hits on 55 occasions, of which six have been home runs for the Canadian ninth, added to the 22 runs who has pushed with his wood Kirk.

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Kirk He is the third player with the most votes in the american league with 1,057,008 votes in his favor, only behind the New York Judge Aaron Judge and the Angels outfielder from Anaheim Mike Trout with 1,512,368 and 1,295,854 respectively.

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the catcher of the Blue Jays has a high chance of being All Star Game 22 from Major League Baseball, this due to the high number of votes it has and the performance it has shown on the diamond in this campaign; the only way in which the Aztec baseball player could be left out of the all-star game in the Dodger Stadium is that he suffered an injury and this prevented him from being active.

The Mexican catcher is not only the third with the highest number of votes in the new circuit, he is also the sixth in all major leagues, being the second Latino with the highest amount of support, only behind the Venezuelan outfielder of the Atlanta Braves Ronald Coin Jr.

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The Baja Californian belongs to the Jay’s franchise since 2016, when he was discovered by the scout Dean Decilliswhen he belonged to the Tijuana Bulls from

Mexican Baseball League
who chose to acquire it and place it in their baseball farm due to the great qualities it showed Alejandro.



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