Aimar Aiartzaguena and Deniba Konare, from Durango Judo, shine in the Junior Spanish Super Cup

Deniba Konare and Aimar Aiartzaguena.

The Ciudad de Cáceres multipurpose pavilion hosted on Saturday the ninth edition of the Spanish Judo Super Cup, aimed at athletes between 15 and 20 years old. It is one of the most important tests in the junior category and is one of the ones that scores the most in the state ranking.

The Durango Judo club attended with two participants, Deniba Konare Sissoko and Aimar Aiartzaguena Trinidad. The judoka got the gold medal and Aiartzaguena, the silver.

“Although these two athletes have us unused as they usually always come back with medals in every outing they do, what they have achieved is not easy at all since this cup brings together the best judokas at a national level, but also in Portugal”, he comments his coach, Iñaki Salas.

The coach also highlights that Konare will be selected by the Spanish Federation to attend one of the most important training camps to be held in Benidorm between July 27 and 3.

“This has been a great award for us for the great season that Deniba and the entire team that accompanies her on a day-to-day basis have had: physical trainer, coach, physio…”. Salas is proud of the invitation because “only high-level judoka attend this training camp: continental, world and Olympic medalists.”



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